What's In My Fridge + How to Keep Your Fruit & Vegetables For Longer

What's Inside My Healthy Fridge?

Taking a look into someone's fridge is a great snap-shot into their health. A well-stocked healthy kitchen really is key to nourishing your body. Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body and impact your energy, cravings, your weight, gut, skin health and so much more.

As I teach in my 8 Week Program, every time you open your fridge you want to feel INSPIRED to make healthy choices that will love your body back.

Here’s what you’ll currently find in my fridge… real food! Mostly fresh produce. There is ALWAYS an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. These are key for living your healthiest self. From berries to capsicum, pumpkin to kale, the phrase #eattherainbow very much represents my fridge.

But Just How Do You Keep Fresh Fruits and Vegetables For Longer?

There’s nothing worse than buying fresh and crisp veggies (especially spinach, herbs, spring onion or leafy greens) only to have them wilting just a few days later.

Just like I share in my program I like to ‘prep for success’ each weekend by shopping for my weekly food and meal prepping to ensure a healthy and successful week ahead. So I like to buy my fruit and veg in advance to save time having to pop into the shops. However, it can get a little tricky trying to buy fresh AND keep it fresh, until I was introduced to an absolute game changer, FreshPaper.

FreshPaper, a natural food saving sheet of paper, is seriously a genius product, in fact the active ingredient used in it was discovered by the founder after accidentally drinking some tap water in India when she was a teenager. Her grandma gave her a home remedy (a mix of spices) that prevented her from getting sick and it is these spices that inspired the now revolutionising product for better food storage.

The small piece of compostable and recyclable paper is infused with organic spices that have the ability to keep fruit and veg fresh up to four times longer. They are also so simple to use, which is key for me in my kitchen, especially as a busy mum. You just toss a sheet into your fruit bowl, crisper drawer or berry punnet and it will keep your fruit and vegetables for longer. No nasties, no chemicals and they are compostable and recyclable! Clever right?

Does Your Fridge Reflect Your Health Goals?

Next time you open your fridge (or pantry) I encourage you to ask yourself, does it inspire and encourage you to make healthy choices? If not, here are three simple things you can do to re-stock your fridge to support your health goals…

1. Clean out items that aren’t supporting your goals. Let them go. Keep only food in your fridge that aligns with your health values and that makes you feel good about you.

2. Fill your pantry with healthy food choices that you know leave you feeling great. Choose foods as close to their natural state as possible. Fresh, whole foods that an be kept fresher for longer with the help of FreshPaper.

3. Organise your fridge in a way that works for you and that inspires you every time you open your doors. A clear, uncluttered and tidy fridge helps you to make clearer decisions that are good for your body.

I hope these tips help! Let me know your questions in the comments below and other topics you might like me to share tips on.
Casey-Lee x
Naturopath and nutritionist

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