What are Soapberries?
Soapberries are crusty looking brownish balls grown on the ‘Sapindus Mukorossi’ tree and sourced from the pristine Himalayan mountains. In fact, ancient cultures have been using soapberries for thousands of years.
They are sometimes referred to as Soapnuts (which they aren’t) – they’re actually a fruit related to the Lychee- and contain a natural soap called ‘saponin’. When they hit water, the soap is released, making them a very effective alternative to chemical laundry detergent. The saponin simply breaks the surface tension of the water, removing the dirt and leaving clothes soft and clean.

Why I Like Soapberries

I believe in reducing our chemical exposure as much as we can to give our bodies the best opportunity to thrive. Synthetic chemicals found in products such as cleaning products, detergents, washing powders, makeup and personal products may negatively impact your health which is why I choose natural and organic where possible.

I also believe in sustainability and these little berries provide a sustainable option that doesn't impact our environment. They are simply picked from trees and dried in the sun.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Soapberries are perfect for people with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis etc… as they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic and leave no soap residue behind in the clothing fibres to be absorbed into, or irritate the skin.

How to Use Soapberries

They’re super simple to use – pop 5 berries in the cotton bag included with your soapberries and throw them in with the clothes in your machine. Cold water is fine but warm water will draw more soap out if you have a particularly dirty load and they work in both front and top loaders. The fact that they are RAW with nothing added means they have no scent – if you fancy a fresh smell on your laundry you can add a few drops of essential oil to the cotton bag for fragrance.

100% Natural, Zero Processing

The fact that they are not processed in any way, simply picked from the tree and dried in the sun makes them raw, vegan, paleo, completely natural and the ones from ‘That Red House’ are the only ones on the market, that are 100% certified organic.

Where to Get Soapberries

I get my soapberries from ‘That Red House’, their organic Soapberries are sustainably grown and completely waste free. For more information about these magical berries or to buy online, visit www.thatredhouse.com.au

Please note this article is unsponsored. I genuinely enjoy endorsing products I believe in.

This article was written by nutritionist, naturopath and recipe developer Casey-Lee Lyons © Live Love Nourish™ 2017. All rights reserved.

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