Surprising Benefits of Private Health Cover! Beyond how healthy you eat, two other very important parts to your wellbeing and maintaining good health include movement and too often overlooked, your mental health.

When you have all of these aspects of wellbeing being cared for it’s amazing how well you really feel. Getting your diet, your physical health and your mental health on track will accelerate you towards living a healthier and happier life.

In this day and age, being “too busy” often stops us from hitting pause and checking in on our wellbeing. I encourage you to check in with your health. Ask yourself, is my diet supporting my health goals? Is my physical body whispering signals of needed attention (i.e. symptoms)? When was the last time you had a health assessment? Am I ok? Do I suffer from potential depression or anxiety*?

*Did you know that every year one million or so Australians will suffer depression, while over two million will experience anxiety? It’s a scary statistic.

These are simple questions that might highlight where extra care and support is needed for you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Above all, you deserve to feel healthy and happy.

If you need guidance and support in any of these areas, reach out to a professional to learn tools for your toolkit. It might surprise you where you can get support for each of these areas! As a nutritionist, you’ll know I encourage working with a professional to get your diet on track. Much like seeking professional support for exercise and mental health.

Guys, it pays to hit pause and check in.

Where could you add in extra support for your health?

Imagine if your private health cover paid benefits for your gym membership, pool entry fees, personal training, group training and even swimming lessons? If your health professional recommends this activity to benefit a health condition you have, it means including this kind of support in your health management plan could be rebated*.
*Specific eligibility criteria must be met.

Imagine if your private health cover provided support with mental health programs. Which meant that support was not only easily accessible and confidential but also free!

Having private health cover might just be the extra tool needed in your toolkit to build a healthier and more balanced life, without breaking the bank.

Researching Private Health Cover

So I’ve done some research for you. If you’re looking for private health cover that provides real support, you don’t have to go bigger to get brilliant health cover. Peoplecare is a not-for-profit health cover provider that prioritises health programs like those mentioned above. It has been around since 1953 so is not a new kid on the block. They have consistently topped all Australian open health funds in the prestigious IPSOS customer satisfaction rating. Which is really important when considering which private health insurer to choose. (Source: IPSOS 2017 Net Supporter Score).

One of the standouts I learned about is Peoplecare’s MindStep* health program. The service is a phone-based mental health coaching program run over six weeks. It’s designed to go hand-in- hand with the care given by your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. You’ll get your very own health coach dedicated to supporting you to take positive steps to achieve social and emotional wellbeing. And its free for members on eligible hospital covers with Peoplecare. *Mindstep has specific eligibility criteria for enrolment.

But the bottom line that impressed me most, they care. How? They are all about the customer, they’re personal (no machines answering phones but instead a real person to talk to), they’re to- the-point (no confusion), offer value for money, easy to work with and are loveable.

For further information about Peoplecare please visit their website

One of my favourite quotes is, “if you listen to your body whisper, you wont have to hear it scream.” This quote is a good reminder how important it is to check in with your health and if you need extra support to reach out. If you need support for your physical health through exercise or support for mental health and anxiety, get in touch with your GP and remember that private health cover such as with Peoplecare can provide benefits and access to health programs to assist.

Disclaimer: This post sharing surprising benefits of private health cover is sponsored by Peoplecare. The views expressed in the blog are my own.

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