How many times have you made a New Years resolution only to feel bad that you couldn’t stick to it such as loosing xx kgs or exercising every day or giving up carbs for example. The problem with these type of resolutions is they are often unrealistic, unloving and make you feel like you’re not enough until you’ve reached these goals. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! You are so much more than a dress size or a number on the scales!

What if we began the New Year from a place of kindness and love and simply committed to loving and nourishing our body without restriction, punishment or pushing your body beyond it’s limits. Your body is more than capable of finding its balance, in health and in weight. We just need to listen, honour and look after it from a place of connection and respect. I share with you just how to do so in my 8 Weeks To Healthy & Happy Online Program where I give you all of the tools you need to establish a positive and healthy relationship with food and provide you with the foundations for understanding how to nourish your body from the inside out, without fads or restrictive dieting so that you can enjoy food and feeling your healthiest and happiest self. Find out more about the the program and how it can help you develop a positive and loving relationship with your body, here. Instead of punishing yourself with unrealistic New Years resolutions remind yourself to be kind as you nourish your body from the inside out. Your body will reward you.
I’m here to help and support your journey to a healthy and happy you.
Casey-Lee x

This blog was written by nutritionist and naturopath Casey-Lee Lyons.
© Live Love Nourish 2019.

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