My Top Health Tip For Nourishing Your Body

How you nourish your body has a very influential impact on your health. With so many latest diet trends and opinion available as to what you should or shouldn't be eating, knowing what to eat for health has become a confusing and often complicated topic. My aim is to help you to discover a relationship with your body where you understand what foods make your unique body thrive and are best for you.

My Top Health Tip
When it comes to what to eat, my top tip is to listen to your body! Every body is unique and your nutritional requirements are also unique. This is why not one diet suits all.
The key to knowing what to eat is to develop a relationship with yourself where you learn what works best for your body by paying attention to the foods that make your body thrive.
Your body is constantly communicating to you and providing feedback. By tuning in and becoming aware of the way your body shows feedback (these are often our signs and symptoms) you begin to develop a relationship with food where you honour what works well for you (regardless of the latest trends) and nourish with food that matches your body's individual needs and health goals.
When it comes to listening to your body for health, one of my favourite quotes is "if you listen to when your body whispers, you won't have to hear it scream."
How To Listen To Your Body
Turning inwards and reconnecting with your body is a very empowering tool to have when it comes to listening to your body and knowing which food is right for you. Be open to listening. Pay attention to how your body feels after meals (particularly in the 2 hour window after eating). Do you feel energetic and light after eating or does your body provide feedback such as bloating, feeling sluggish or tired? These are clues as to what foods are working well for you or not.
I share with you my tips on how to listen to your body and why it is so important for a lifelong positive relationship with food (free from dieting and fads) in my 8 Week Program.

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