How to Successfully Quit Sugar – my real food approach

Whether your goals are to increase your energy, find your natural weight, heal sugar cravings, get rid of that 3pm energy slump or improve your skin or gut health, quitting sugar can have a positive impact on your health.

If you’ve been thinking about quitting sugar or taking steps to improve your diet, now is the perfect opportunity with the support and guidance of my 8 Week Online Program. I would love the opportunity to support you to make quitting sugar easy and delicious!

This February you can also gain extra support and motivation by joining febfast (hit pause on sugar or choose alcohol/ meat/ inactivity or your pick and raise funds for disadvantaged Australian youth). 'I'm excited to be this year's health ambassador and would love for you to join me!

Using these simple strategies below that I share in the program, you can successfully quit sugar and regain your vitality and with the support of febfast we can together raise funds to change the lives of our Australian youth.

How To Successfully Quit Sugar

Quitting sugar is about embracing REAL FOOD; fresh, wholesome ingredients with minimal processed and packaged foods. When you limit processed and packaged food sugar naturally begins to reduce in your diet. The key message here is to eat real food. Follow these steps below towards a successful sugar free lifestyle.

  • Prepare yourself for success. Make sure your kitchen supports your goals. Clean out your pantry and fridge of items that contain high amounts of added sugar. Restock your kitchen with healthy alternatives. You want to open your pantry and fridge doors and feel inspired to make choices that nourish.
  • Stick to whole foods, as close to their natural state as possible. Opt for fresh food as much as you can.
  • Avoid foods with added sugar (typically found in packaged and processed food). Such as refined sugar, lollies, confectionary, biscuits, baked goods, chocolate with added sugar, soft drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, ice cream and other items with added sugar.
  • Swap fruit juice for whole fruit (the whole fruit contains beneficial fibre).
  • Check your labels and increase your awareness around hidden sugars. You will be surprised how much sugar is hiding in cereal, muesli bars, sauces, marinades and baked goods.
  • Stop unhealthy habits associated with sugar (like snacking on sweets whilst watching your favourite TV show).
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners typically found in diet ‘sugar free’ foods and drinks. These can increase your appetite and trigger cravings and really aren't good for you.
  • If you currently have a lot of sugar in your diet, gradually begin to reduce this a little more each week.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy snacks that are naturally sweetened or with low GI whole fruit. I personally love a medjool date with some almond butter, yum!
  • Get organised. Set aside some time each weekend to do a little meal prep. Batch cook a meal or two, prepare some healthy snacks, chop some veggies ready to go etc so that you are prepared for the week ahead with healthy food choices that support your goals.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take your time and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Let go of any guilt around food. It’s important to have a healthy relationship around food. Choose to nourish your body with food that will love your body back.
  • Prioritise your health. You deserve to feel healthy and happy. You are sweet enough already.

Quit Sugar, Improve Your Health & Help Change Someone's Life

Not only can eliminating sugar support your health it can also change someone else's life…how?

This February you can join febfast and choose to fast from sugar (or alcohol or your pick) whilst raising funds for disadvantaged Australian youth. This year I am proud to be the FebFast nutritionist and health ambassador and will be sharing an exclusive 4 Week Program with febfast members to help you kickstart a healthy 2018. Come and join me this February to give up sugar (your'e sweet enough already) and make a positive difference to your health and someone's life.

Where do the raised funds from FebFast go? I came across this quote by one of the youth workers from FebFast that I feel shares the essence of what it's all about…

“febfast is so important because it helps us get more youth workers on the ground to help disadvantaged kids. Every hour in my role makes a real difference. When we have the opportunity to connect one on one with young people, the most amazing things happen. It is truly inspiring when even the most disadvantaged young person starts to see a way through their biggest challenges and forge a new path in life. Every young person should have access to opportunity. Because of febfasters, more young Australians have the chance at a different future. I want to thank you for supporting us and many life changing hours of youth work.”

I hope these tips helps and I hope you can join me to quit sugar this February.
You can join my Live Love Nourish febfast team, sponsor me or join as an individual. Tag or share with a friend below who you'd like to join you.

Casey-Lee x
Naturopath, nutritionist & FebFast ambassador

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