As a nutritionist I often get asked what should you eat for breakfast? With many people providing feedback that their current breakfast doesn’t satisfy or sustain them. Here are my nutritionist tips for how to build a balanced healthy breakfast that will keep you fuelled for hours.

Does your breakfast satisfy and sustain you?

  • Do you get hungry shortly after breakfast?
  • Do you find yourself reaching for snacks just an hour after you’ve had breakfast?
  • Do you get cravings for snacks or need a pick-me-up mid-morning?
  • Do you feel your energy drop mid-morning?
  • Does your brekky sustain you for less than 3-4 hours?

All of the above is very common feedback when breakfast is a little out of balance. Here are my nutritionist tips from our 6 Week Online Program to help you:

  • Feel more satisfied after breakfast
  • Keep you feeling fuller longer and blood sugar levels balanced
  • Curb cravings and snack attacks
  • Have more sustained energy that lasts

How to Create a Balanced Breakfast:

Protein. Make sure your brekky contains protein. This will keep you fuller for longer and is also good for keeping cravings away.  Such as eggs, chia seeds, nuts, seeds, nut butter, nut meals. good quality protein powder.

Healthy fats. Add some healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer with slow release energy. Such as nut butters, nuts, seeds, nut meals, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, granola, coconut yoghurt or good quality yoghurt of choice.

Real food carbs. These will provide you with energy (and brain fuel). Such as gluten free whole grains, buckwheat, buckinis, quinoa/ quinoa flakes, brown rice flakes, starchy veggies and whole fruit. Note: You don’t need to be afraid of carbs. It’s about matching the right ones and amounts specific to your individual needs. If you are experiencing cravings and up and downs in energy or constantly snacking it helps to create these foundations of a balanced meal including protein, fats, fibre AND real food carbs, from whole food sources (wholefoods vs refined flours, refined sugars). The key is in balance (approx. 1/2 cup is a good place to start if you are unsure – we go through this more in our Online Program or when working 1:1 with a practitioner for your specific requirements and goals).

Fibre and colour. Add fibre rich fruits and veggies to keep you full and promote good gut health.

The aim is create a balanced breakfast with the above elements and with some consistency, in no-time you will find your energy and appetite begins to balance out. Your breakfast should be able to sustain you for several hours and your energy feel balanced, without cravings.

Need help creating balanced meals?

If you need nutritionist support for creating balanced meals to help you feel satisfied, sustained and energised I would love to share our 6 Week Nutrition Program with you. It is jam packed with practical guides, tips and recipes to help you feel your best.

Share your best breakfast with our community

Give these tips a go and let me know how you find they help. I would love to see your balanced breakfast creations in our Facebook Community. Feel free to ask any questions or let me know you go in  our Community Facebook Group.

Don’t forget there are lots of nourishing breakfast recipes inside our recipe collection.

I hope these tips for how to make a balanced healthy breakfast help!

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