Gluten Free Meal Prep –  Staying on Track

When you are trying to eat healthy or on a gluten free diet staying on track can be a little tricky without some preparation and planning so I’ve put together this action plan for Gluten Free Meal Prep – Staying on Track to help you feel motivated and supported. 

Whether you are a coeliac, have non-coeliac gluten sensitivity or on a gluten free diet for other health reasons it’s important to be consistent with your dietary requirements and to ensure that you are meeting your nutritional needs. One way you can stay on track eating gluten free is to plan out some meal prep so you feel organised and confident.

I’ve partnered with the amazing home delivery meal service Nourish’d that is 100% gluten free to help you feel equipped and supported in living a healthy, gluten free lifestyle with these empowering action steps. (More on how this ready-made-meal service saves me time and energy every week below! ) 

Staying on Track 

The below questions are a mini action plan to help you identify your goals, implement tools for staying on track and and creating a plan for how to make it all happen! 

Before we dive in to mapping out this game changing plan, let’s first identify some of your goals, what is important to you, your health and what suits your lifestyle best. 

Grab a pen and paper or your smart phone and open up your notes and let’s get into it! 

Understanding your motivation, or your why, is key to staying focused and on track. Being on a gluten free diet requires a lot of adjustments and it helps to feel positive and empowered to create an uplifting motivation to keep you feeling encouraged.  This is your ultimate motivator and can be a great reminder as to why you are committing to nourishing your body with food that loves your body back. 

What motivates you to eat a healthy and/or a gluten free diet? What is your why? 

For many this is usually for health reasons, being symptom free or adhering to a coeliac safe diet or could be other things such as wanting to eat more whole foods, eating healthier for more energy, clarity, finding your healthy weight, feeling well etc. I encourage you to take this motivation and turn it into one that inspires you to feel a certain way. Some examples might be. I want to feel well. I want to feel healthy and look after my body and its health needs. I want to feel energised and symptom free. 

What is your motivation and why is this important to you? 

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________

Meal Prep That Works For You 

Having to make gluten free meal choices every single day being prepared is key for staying on track, saving time and even money. Meal prep can be a huge tool in your success and ensure you are being consistent with your health goals and your specific dietary needs and to make life easier! 

To help you work out the best type of meal prep for you, its good to include any nutritional needs, foods that make your unique body thrive and also considering your lifestyle.

Foods that make you thrive 

Without a personal chef to cook for you (although I know many of us dream of having one) to ensure we are creating healthy and nourishing meals we need to ensure we are prepared with good choices. This means having food stocked in your pantry, fridge and freezer that aligns with your health goals and setting yourself up for success. 

Including foods that make you feel great will help make your meal prep much easier and more motivating. 

List the top foods that you enjoy and that leave you feeling great? 
  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________
  4. _____________________________________________________________________________
  5. _____________________________________________________________________________
  6. _____________________________________________________________________________
Nutritional needs 

Making sure you meet your nutritional needs is important when eating gluten free and for living a healthy life that gives you energy to thrive. 

Identify any important nutritional goals you have to help you pick meals for your meal prep that work best for you. 

What are your nutritional goals?

Examples might be: 

  • I’m coeliac and making sure meals are coeliac safe.
  • Meals that are well balanced.  
  • Meals that are low carb or match my individual dietary requirements.
  • Meals that are both gluten free and healthy.
  • Nourishing meals that make sure I’m getting enough key nutrients such as protein, healthy fats and veggies.
  • Prioritising iron or protein or other nutrients you’ve identified with your health practitioner.
  • Ensuring meals are keeping you energised throughout the day without dips and slumps. 
  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________
Meal prep to match your lifestyle 

Now, our lives are all so different. Whether you work at home, work corporately, have children or a family and many other differentials, what meals work for you will vary from another. Let’s have a quick look at your day and what might suit your lifestyle best. 

What are your meal prep goals?

At breakfast, what do you need in a meal? Something filling and satisfying to keep you fulled for hours? Something you can grab and go or quick to prepare? Variation so you don’t get bored?

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________

For lunch, what’s important to you? Quick and easy? Saving money by making your own instead of buying takeaway? Nourishing to keep you full for the afternoon? 

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________

Dinner time, what is a priority for you? Something that’s delicious and the whole family will eat? Something that can be repurposed for leftovers? Meals so you don’t get bored? Something quick as you might get home late from work? 

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________

When the snack attack hits, what type of snacks work best for you? Something that I can keep in the pantry? Something that is healthy so I don’t reach for junk food? Food that keeps cravings away? 

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________

Ttake the above and visualise what a successful week of eating healthy and/or gluten free looks like to you. This could be having your fridge/ freezer fully stocked with meals that support your goals and help you stay on track. This could also be things like making sure you are staying focused and stress doesn’t interfere with your food choices. 

Get a sense of what a successful week of eating healthy and/or gluten free look like to you and most importantly, how does it feel? 


Taking Action Steps 

Let’s make it happen! Bringing all of your individual goals, motivation and unique needs together, let’s take some action steps in prioritising your health and nailing your gluten free meal prep and staying on track. 

When it comes to meal prepping, what things do you need to put in place to achieve the goals you’ve identified above?

Examples could be:

  • Clean out your pantry/ fridge and creating a space that inspires you and supports your dietary needs.  
  • Search for and save favourite recipes and meals that match my needs above. 
  • Create a meal plan that supports my goals.
  • Setting aside time for meal prepping and getting organised. 
  • Finding meals that you and your family all enjoy. 
  • Picking a few new meals each week to try with the family.
  • Seeking professional support for understanding what I can eat with my dietary needs.
  • Connecting with others on the same journey for support and motivation.
  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________
What action steps do you need to take to prioritise meal prep? 

As examples could be:

  • Prioritising my health and meal prep into our family’s routine. 
  • Ask for help (even for someone to mind the kids whilst you get organised). 
  • Create a meal plan each week. 
  • Scheduling in time for shopping and meal prep for each week.
  • Outsourcing! Finding healthy home delivery meals that meet your dietary needs. 
  1. _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________

It’s Go Time! 

So you’ve now identified your motivation. You understand more clearly what you specifically need in meals that suit your lifestyle and health goals and now you’ve got some action steps to take to put in place to make it happen. 

It’s time to put some meal prep into practice! Whether you set aside a “Power Hour” to prep your gluten free nourishing meals or snacks or outsource meals by ordering home delivered meals, meal prepping now has positive purpose to help you stay on track. 

At first it may take a little time to get into the groove but before you know it it will form a habit that will become easier and keep you on track to achieving your healthy eating goals.

You’ve got this. 

Home Delivered Gluten Free Meals 

My biggest hurdle for meal prep like most is time! With a young family I understand the juggle and the constant need for more time. 

However, having gone through the above action steps and identifying that eating healthy, gluten free meals is a priority to me and my family I discovered that reaching out for help and outsourcing some of our meals from Nourish’d has been a game changer for us! Not only do I have more time (not spending hours cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen) I also can trust that the meals we are enjoying from their seasonal menu are 100% gluten free and made with nourishing ingredients for our family. 

I have tried many home delivery meal services but the key difference with Nourish’d is their commitment to good quality ingredients and ensuring all meals are gluten free friendly to support those with this dietary need or choice. All of their meals are preservative free and provide good servings of vegetables within their delicious, family friendly menu.

You can pick sizes, meals, search dietary needs and more. If you have more questions about their gluten free meal prep delivery service check out their FAQ’s page. 

Community Discount on Home Delivered Meals

Our Live Love Nourish Members also receive a community discount on their meals. Use code CASEYLEE25 to get $25 off your first purchase with Nourish’d (minimum order value before coupon is $100). 

Nourish home meal delivery is also NDIS approved. 

Gluten Free Meal Prep Recipes Gluten Free Meal Prep Ideas Gluten Free Meal Prep Plan   Healthy Meals Delivered Gluten Free Meal Prep

Photo: Some of the delicious home delivered healthy gluten free meals from Nourish’d.

Extra Support

Looking for support and others on a gluten free and healthy eating journey? Come and join us in our Live Love Nourish Facebook Community where we are all here cheering each other and supporting one another to live a healthy, delicious and happy life you love. 

If you need support for understanding your specific dietary needs, making sure you are meeting your individual nutritional requirements, making significant changes to your diet or looking for professional advice on coeliac diagnosis or non coeliac gluten sensitivity I recommend seeking the guidance of a qualified health professional to support your journey.


This article is proudly sponsored by Nourish’d home delivery meal service. Article copyright © 2021.

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