Dairy Free Ice Cream Party Platter

Making your own ice cream party platter is such a fun way to enjoy dessert with friends and family. To make your ice cream party platter cater for dietary requirements such as gluten free and dairy free, frozen desserts such as the Noway Frozen Desserts. The range is both gluten free and dairy free as well as a healthier option. See more about the range below.

Dairy Free Ice Cream Party Platter

What You’ll Need To Make Your Platter:

  • Large platter
  • Utensils and serving spoons for sharing toppings (such as spoons and mini tongs)
  • Serving bowls and spoons
  • Ice cream in at least two flavours
  • Your choice of toppings


Creating a dessert platter can be lots of fun. Add your favourite toppings and be sure to include a variety of colour (ideally from natural sources such as fresh fruits), natural flavours and texture (including crunch, soft, fudgey etc).

  • Some examples of party platter toppings include:
  • In-season fruit. For example berries, kiwi, mangoes, stone fruit, banana or even stewed fruit.
  • Homemade chocolate or caramel sauce.
  • Popcorn.
  • Natural sprinkles. Ideally choose ones with natural colour.
  • Sugar free marshmallows or make your own.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Gluten free pretzels.
  • Mini bliss balls.
  • Toasted coconut.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Dates or dried fruit.
  • Mini fruit kebab skewers.
  • Homemade, healthier cookies.

Dairy Free Ice Cream Party Platter Ideas

Dairy Free Ice Cream:

When making a dairy free ice cream platter I use dairy free Noway Frozen Dessert that has a creamy, healthy ice cream texture, minus the dairy. Not only is it dairy free but it is also a healthier ice cream alternative.

The Noway Frozen Dessert range is dairy free, gluten free, low sugar and low in carbohydrates. Made with high quality collage it is also high protein. Most importantly it tastes delicious.

Find the Noway Frozen Dessert range in health food stores, IGA’s or for a full list of stockists see here.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

To Assemble:

  1. Place similar sized bowls or use the ice cream lid to reserve a place for each tub of ice cream.
  2. Decorate the platter with your topping surrounding where the ice cream will be placed. Keep toppings that need to be kept dry away from wet toppings. Get creative, be playful and have fun assembling your platter.
  3. Style your large platter with colour, texture and pairing flavours in mind. For example pair toppings that match the ice cream flavour and keep it colourful.
  4. Lastly, when you are ready to serve place the tubs of ice cream in the reserved spots.

To Serve:

One of the best things about an DIY ice cream party platter is that it encourages everyone to make their own style in an engaging and interactive dessert.

Give the frozen desserts or ice cream just several minutes straight out of the freezer to slightly soften. This will make it easy to serve.
Encourage friends and family to serve their own and add their favourite toppings.

Dairy Free Sugar Free Ice Cream

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