Australian Bush Superfood Kakadu Plum Provides a Rich Source of Vitamin C

Living in Australia we are very lucky to have access to amazing, good quality fresh food, something I think a lot of us can take for granted. Just through eating good quality real food we can greatly improve our health, as I share in my 8 Week Online Program.

Australia also has some incredible native bush food that has been around for centuries. In fact there are over 5000 varieties of bush food! Some of these bush foods are kakadu plum, lemon myrtle and wattleseed. I recently chatted with the owner of Kakadu Plum Co. to share with you all about these incredible Australian bush superfoods.

I get so excited learning about new ingredients and when I discovered the Kakadu Plum Co bush superfood range, I couldn’t wait to learn more! Can you tell us a little background about these superfoods?

Absolutely, Kakadu Plum Co. celebrates and honours traditional Australian culture. We want to see everyone embrace our own traditional heritage and celebrate what is growing in our own backyard that has been a source of medicinal properties and food for thousands of years. Our traditional people have been using bush foods for centuries and only now are we realising these incredible ancient foods and plants. We want to make bush foods accessible for everyone and encourage Australians to buy foods, and superfoods, locally. We believe in an Australia where Australian heritage and culture is honoured and celebrated everyday. Move over Acai, we have Kakadu Plum!

I just love adding Kakadu Plum powder to my smoothies, especially to support my immune system whilst running a business and being a full time mum as well. For those who haven’t heard of Kakadu Plum before can you please tell everyone what it is and what are the health benefits?

Kakadu Plum is a native Australian fruit that is grown in the wild across the Top End of Australia. It is by know means your traditional ‘plum’ but rather the size of a large olive. They are known to have the highest source of natural vitamin C of any plant in the world, up to 100 times more than oranges. They are also higher in antioxidants than blueberries. Our Kakadu Plum Powder is wild harvested by a community in The Kimberley, north of Broome. Each harvest, the Traditional Owner gathers all other community members and everyone gets out on country, forages, engages in traditional practice while earning an ethical income at the same time. Not only is our powder incredible for you, it has an incredible social meaning and impact. It is really humbling to see more and more Australians embrace our traditional culture and celebrate this incredible industry as well.

Something I recently tried is another Australian bush food, wattleseed. When I had read that it has a subtle similarities to the flavour of hazelnut and coffee I just had to give it a go. I’ve been adding to to my smoothies for a unique flavour boost as well bonus nutritional benefit. Please share with us, what is wattleseed and what are the health benefits?

It is such a beautiful unique flavour! Wattleseed has an incredible nutty chocolaty flavour and is not only amazing in smoothies, but a great addition to breads, scones and other baking recipes. It is also a great source of protein. Wattleseed was traditionally used as a type of flour to make damper. It is an unsung hero of the Australian bush. Have you also tried a Wattleseed latte…..

I absolutely love the smell of lemon and adding lemon myrtle to recipes really gives it such a unique robust flavour. Celebrating Australian ingredients I combined macadamia nuts and lemon myrtle to create the most amazing snack. You can find the recipe here. Please tell us some more about lemon myrtle and why its so beneficial to our health?

Lemon Myrtle is known as the Queen of Lemon Herbs as it has an exquisite aroma and flavour while also being a great anti-inflammatory ingredient, source of Vitamin E and antioxidants. I use our lemon myrtle on so many different things, from smoothies, marinades, snacks, and ice-cream. It is such a versatile herb. Our blend also has the added 5% Kakadu Plum Powder, giving you that little boost of vitamin C in every serving.

(Lemon Myrtle Roasted Macadamias)

I’m a huge fan of supporting Australian products and it has been such a pleasure to come across your local business, Kakadu Plum Co, can you share with us what inspired you to create your product range that is inspiring us to bring bush foods into our homes and kitchens?

It was around the time Acai and Matcha was going crazy in Melbourne. Everyone had to have these. It puzzled me that we were opting for international superfoods as opposed to buying and sourcing from our own Australian backyard. I instinctively knew about bush tucker, discovered the Kakadu Plum and knew I had to make it my mission to share this incredible Indigenous heritage, culture and bush food with Australians and the world. Being connected to the communities that harvest the plums is the most humbling privilege and I am honoured to be able to share part of their stories and culture through Kakadu Plum Co. Everything I do is about celebrating our Indigenous culture, what is grown in our own backyard, giving back to communities and giving them the opportunity to forage and be paid an ethical wage. The more we embrace our traditional bush foods, the greater impact we can make.

Besides adding to smoothies, what are some other ways that we can use kakadu plum and wattleseed? And lemon myrtle?

Wattleseed and lemon myrtle is beautiful in marinades or rubs for meat and fish dishes. It is also a great addition to roast vegetables when sprinkled on top. I am also loving wattleseed lattes at then moment too – mix with almond or soy milk it is a beautiful nutty chocolatey caffeine alternative

As a business owner and mum to a (very active) toddler myself, I completely understand the balancing act of looking after both your family and business as well as making sure you look after yourself too. I know you are a mum too as well as owner of Kakadu Plum Co. Can you share with us some tips on how you balance the both business and family as well looking after yourself?

It is a juggle! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! There are times when my kids have come to meetings and deliveries, but they have learnt to roll with it and understand that it is a part of what I do. The trick is balance. Know when is work time, and when it is family time. Weekends especially are times for my family and I to connect, relax and just be together. Take time out for yourself, find a support network and set yourself clear boundaries. And don’t be too hard on yourself either… there will be days that are a total ride off because the kids take over and are your priority.

I’m always having to be creative with food for my toddler can you share any tips on how you get your kiddies to enjoy healthy foods and try new ingredients?

From a very young age I always instilled a healthy lifestyle and foods into their life, because it is a part of my (and my husbands) life. I try and minimise sugar and sweets, but bake healthy treat options. Make healthy food fun. Give them a bowl of cut up vegetables before dinner as a snack to avoid that vege fight at the table. Carrots and homous is also a popular lunch box and home snack in our house. Don’t complicate it and set the example. If they see you eat a healthy chicken salad, they will want it too in time.

(Sugar free chia puddings with added kakadu plum powder)

Where can readers find out more about your amazing products?

Online at and in health food stores nationwide

Where can readers find out more about your amazing products?

I hope you enjoyed learning about our very own Australian bush superfoods. Amazing to find these incredible ingredients locally. Be sure to let me know if you try them out and what you think.

Yours in Health, Casey-Lee x
Naturopath, nutritionist, recipe developer & founder of Live Love Nourish

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