Forget juice cleanses, hard core detoxes and restricting calories, learn more about my real approach to achieving your health and wellness goals in 2018 with a look into my 8 Weeks To Healthy and Happy Online Program.

It's this time of year we see so much marketing around the word "detox" and "weight loss" amongst other teasing terms that can reel you in to buy their product. The truth is, there is no overnight fix or quick detox product that will give you long term health (and happiness).

You can achieve your health and wellness goals, whether its finding your healthy weight, increased energy, reduced bloating, balancing hormones etc by living a healthy lifestyle that you actually enjoy, and still enjoying delicious REAL FOOD when you understand how your body works and what makes your body thrive.

I want to share with you a little insight into my 8 Week Program with some tips on how to approach a healthy you in 2018.

1. Prioritise Your Health
You deserve to feel healthy and happy. It's now time for you. You are worthy and deserving.
2. Get Clear On Your Goals and Your Focus
Whilst a physical change (such as weight loss) might be the outcome it will transform your approach to health when your goal and focus is on how you FEEL. Aim to FEEL your healthiest and happiest self and the rest will follow.
3. Do It Because You Love Yourself Enough
Ask yourself why you want to achieve your health goals. Make sure they are for you! Not for him, not for someone else, not to fit into a certain dress size but because you deserve to feel your best and because you love yourself enough.
4. Eat Real Food
What to eat for health? It's truly very simple, eat real food; whole-foods as close to their natural state as possible. Your body thrives on real food, it knows what to do with real food.

5. A Healthy Outside, Starts On The Inside
Learn to love and nourish your body from the inside out. I share will you all of my tips and simple healthy habits that will develop health from within including how to support good gut health, how to create balanced meals and how to develop a healthy and loving relationship with your body and with food.
6. Approach wellness holistically
Living a healthy life is so much more than what you eat. To truly feel your best it's important to look at other areas in your life that affect your health and wellness, including your quality of sleep, how you deal with stress, does your exercise match your body's unique needs and your relationship with yourself. I cover all of these topics in the program.
7. Listen to your body
I truly believe that not one diet suits all and that we are all unique. We need to honour this by tuning into your body and learning to understand its language so that you can discover a perfect diet unique to you. I teach you how to do this in my 8 Week Program.

About my 8 Weeks To Healthy and Happy Online Program
After being in the health and wellness industry for many years I have learned that for most understanding what to eat (and what we shouldn't be eating) has become a very complicated and confusing topic. Although it need not be. My aim is simplify what it means to live a healthy life (that you enjoy) and provide you will all of the tools you need to feel confident that you are making the right choices for your body.
I have put together my 8 Week Online Program to help you to achieve your health goals and learn how to love and nourish your body to feel your healthiest and happiest self. The interactive online program provides all of my support to:

  • Nourish your body with real food
  • Learn what foods make your body thrive
  • Learn how to create healthy meals you and your family will love
  • Sugar free, gluten free and healthy made delicious and easy
  • Heal your gut and digestion
  • Reach your healthiest weight (without counting calories)
  • Heal cravings
  • Improve energy and sleep
  • Balance stress and hormones
  • Heal your relationship with your body

The online program includes 150+ whole-food recipes (free from sugar, gluten and dairy), meal plans, nutrition and lifestyle guides and more.

I would love to be a part of helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals for 2018. Let's make this year your best yet. You deserve it!
Photo credit: E.V. O'Neill Photography

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