8 Ways Collagen Can Boost Your Gut Health + How To Use It

Collagen powder is becoming more and more widely used for its health benefits and for good reason. Powdered Collagen and Gelatin are high protein substances containing essential amino acids. A good quality collagen or gelatin supplement, like Great Lakes Gelatin, can lead to stronger connective tissue and joint health, greater skin health and suppleness and improved moods. Probably most importantly, it is also highly beneficial for gut health.

It is becoming more and more widely known that gut health is at the very centre of our health overall. Many diseases can be attributed to poor gut health including type II diabetes, bowel cancer and obesity to name a few. Optimal gut health means that foods are digested more effectively leading to better absorption of nutrients. This then goes on to positively affect every aspect of our health as a whole. A good quality collagen or gelatin powder can help improve gut health in the following ways:

  1. Powdered collagen or gelatin contain the amino acids glycine and proline. These are essential amino acids for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is necessary for providing strength and elasticity to connective tissue. This helps to promote the integrity of the gut wall, therefore reducing gut permeability and leaky gut.
  2. Glycine helps to improve sleep quality. Quality sleep is essential for gut health for 2 reasons. Firstly, while the body rests the gut digests more effectively, while also promoting healing. Secondly, there are studies to show an increase in beneficial bacteria after a good nights sleep and a decrease in good bacteria following a bad nights sleep.
  3. Gelatin/collagen helps to prevent inflammation by decreasing intestinal permeability. When substances from the gut leak into the blood stream (also known as leaky gut) it increases inflammation throughout the body, which then comes back to negatively affect gut health.
  4. Glycine helps to increases gastric acid secretion including digestive enzymes and stomach acids. These secretions are necessary for the digestion and metabolism of food, meaning you absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. It also means that the food is broken down adequately before reaching the intestines, lessening the burden on the digestive tract.
  5. Consuming gelatin powder increases the production of glutathione, which is a very important antioxidant in the body. This antioxidant has key roles in liver detoxification, which promotes detoxification of toxins, lessening the burden on the gastro intestinal tract. Additionally, glutathione may also protect the gastric mucosa and help with renewal of the gut wall.
  6. Gelatin can reduce constipation by absorbing water and fluids, which also helps to prevent bloating and fluid retention.
  7. Consuming gelatin can help to reduce food intolerances due to its healing and anti-inflammatory actions. When foods are consumed that we are intolerant to, it exhibits an immune response which can be damaging to the gut mucosa and lead to inflammation. Healing the gut helps to reduce the incidence of food intolerances.
  8. Gelatin is improves skin health as it provides the necessary amino acids required for collagen production. This promotes skin suppleness and elasticity. In addition, because of the benefits of gelatin on gut health, toxins are cleared more effectively through the digestive tract, limiting their excretion through the skin. This leads to much clearer, blemish free skin.

Gelatin and collagen are very similar as gelatin is actually derived from collagen. When collagen is partially hydrolysed, it produces the protein – gelatin. Both forms contain the same essential amino acids and are easily included in the diet. Both collagen and gelatin dissolve easily in liquids and have next to no taste. To use, you can either add to water, smoothies or soups and broths.

Gelatin can be used more widely in cooking. Common uses for gelatin powder include making jellies, gummies, marshmallows or panna cotta.

Traditionally, diets were much higher in gelatin as a ‘nose-to-tail’ approach was taken with eating animal products. This meant that the more gelatinous parts of an animal were used more often in cooking, particularly in broths and soups. Alternatively, taking a gelatin supplement like Great Lakes Gelatin can ensure that you still gain all of the benefits from consuming gelatin.

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Yours in Health,

Casey-Lee x

Naturopath, nutritionist & founder of Live Love Nourish

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