Your relationship with food has a huge impact on your overall health. In fact your nutritional mindset is one of the most influential factors in helping you towards achieving your health and wellness goals. Here are some of my tips for developing a healthy and positive relationship with food that I share in the Live Love Nourish 8-Week Program that will help you to accelerate towards your long term health goals.

  • Change your mindset from skinny to healthy. Become health focused instead of weight focused. When you look after your body and nourish it with real food it will find its natural and healthiest weight.
  • Quit dieting and instead choose to nourish your body. Dieting creates an unhealthy restrictive eating mindset and sets the seen for yo-yo dieting. Strive for long-term success by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Listen to your body. Take the time to tune and begin to understand which foods and how much your body best responds to. Your body is constantly communicating to you. Let it be your guide.
  • Appreciate that your body’s nutritional needs are unique. This is why one diet does not fit all.
  • Stop counting calories. Counting calories causes unnecessary stress and can create an unhealthy relationship with food. Plus not all calories are equal.
  • Let go of being perfect. Take such pressure off yourself and embrace a loving and supporting approach to nourishing your body where you do your best without judgement and without perfection.
  • Seek support to heal your relationship with food and any underlying triggers

Enjoy the Live Love Nourish REAL FOOD approach on the 8-Week Program:

If you are looking for support to heal your relationship with food and nutritional guidance to achieve your health and wellness goals you can check out the Live Love Nourish 8-Week Program. This online interactive program is designed by a qualified nutritionist and aims to inspire you to nourish your body with 8 weeks of healthy meal plans, easy recipes and nutrition and lifestyle guides for increased energy, finding your natural weight, improving your gut and digestive health, balancing hormones, curbing sugar cravings, developing a healthy relationship with your body and nourishing it with real food. You can find out more HERE.

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