10 healthy habits that can improve your health

Creating simple and achievable healthy habits into your daily routine can have a big impact on your health.

As a nutritionist, here are some of my healthy habits that I recommend to my clients and members of our 8-Week Program to help improve digestion, reduce bloating, increase absorption of nutrients and leave you feeling great after meals.

  • Slow down and chew your food well – Chewing your food properly sends signals to your body to produce the enzymes necessary to break down the food you are about to ingest. The better you chew your food the easier your body can absorb nutrients.
  • Switch off electronics at meal times – eating with distraction can cause you to over-eat, under-chew food and cause bloating as well as create a disconnected relationship with your body and food.
  • Drink 2L water per day to keep your body well hydrated.
  • Eat with presence, awareness and connection – paying attention to your meal and your body makes a big difference to how you digest and absorb food!
  • Reduce stress, especially at meal times – when you eat under stress, your body’s digestion slows down and to prioritise more important functions, imparting proper digestion. Do your best to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere at meal times.
  • Don't eat too late at night – eating too late at night has a negative impact on how well you sleep and therefore how refreshed you will wake up in the morning.
  • Eat to satisfaction, not beyond – over-eating can burden your digestive system, reduce your energy levels and even impact your quality of sleep.
  • View food as nourishment – see food as an opportunity to nourish your body and accelerate towards your health goals (not as a remedy for our emotional tensions).
  • Eat intuitively – not by a clock or calorie-counting calculator but rather by tuning in and listening to your body’s hunger signals and your body's signs of feeling nourished and well-fed.
  • Make sleep a priority – good quality sleep is a MUST for a healthy body, efficient metabolism and for keeping your weight balanced.

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